My Procrastinations

So far, in my young college career, I have already been very bad with procrastinating just like I was in high school. However, being in college requires a lot more responsibility than high school. In high school, we, as students, did not get as much busy work as we have gotten as of right now in college. Also in high school, I could get away with it because I was very good at completing all of my work on time. One month into college and I have been very bad at not completing all my work even though I study and do home work every day in the library. However, I have always had a great work ethic. I could sit down for hours and just get all my stuff done. Yet, all the distractions that college brings have effected my work ethic and my willingness to do all my home work every day. For the past month I have been here, I have been doing my home work the night before that it is due. This is a very bad habit to have and I need to do things differently while being as efficient as possible. The good thing about college is that you do not have the same class everyday. If we did, I don’t think that I would succeed, I just think I wouldn’t do as well as most given my circumstance at the moment. One thing that I could possibly do differently to succeed is to do all my home work right after the class so it is fresh in my brain which would be easier for me to focus on doing that work assigned. I am being very lazy and not motivated to do the work which makes me mad at the moment. I am not happy with the way I have started off college and I intend to change that.


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