Making Lives Visible


I chose this picture of the cover of Green Eggs and Ham because it goes perfectly to what the reading was trying to portray. It states in the reading that we tell stories “to explain how we see the world” (153). Just how this picture portrays how the character at the bottom of the picture sees the world.


Throughout this reading, I found a lot of information that was valuable and important to every day life. It brought light to me that “our lives saturated with stories” (153). With that being said, we are born hearing stories about different things from bed time stories to stories about your parents childhood. This reading was very educational by the way it portrayed the different types of written documents, such as letters, memoirs, and diaries, that contain different types of pictures. One thing that the author stated in this chapter that really stood out to me was that “in looking at something, we much look away from something else”(166). I found this quote particularly interesting because it is so true. The fact that we cannot look at multiple things at once is mind blowing to me. There is too much to see in the world and we must look away to see what the world holds.


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