September 21, 2016

Magazine Blog:



When I picked up this edition of Sports Illustrated my first response to this image was of that the picture had three of my favorite basketball players in the NBA. With that being said, I was immediately engaged and intrigued.The subject of this image contains the three best players on the Warriors, Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson, who makes the team the best in the NBA. The primary purpose of this image is to inform the world about the Warriors historic season; breaking the record for most wins in a season (73). The image is arranged in an interesting way because Green and Thompson are placed behind the best player on the team, 2x MVP Steph Curry. This tells me that everything is centered around Curry instead of the other two players. One thing that stuck me as important was the fact that the players are wearing their “throw back” jerseys that state “The City” instead of their normal jerseys that do not state that. This is important because it is essentially showing everyone that San Francisco is “The City” to be in. It is also important because the record that they broke was a record that was set by the Bulls in 1996. The genre of this photo is enjoyment and excitement because all three of the players do not look like they are nervous about losing a game which could ruin their run toward NBA history. Instead they look like they are enjoying every minute of being the best of the best and not worrying about losing. I cannot identify the author of this photo. I think others read this image in a negative way because there are a lot of people that really dislike the Warriors just because they are very good. But others that do not have an opinion would probably think that this image is awesome because of what they have been able accomplished during this long season. The large historical context of this image is that these three individuals are leading a very talented team to break the NBA record of most wins and fewest losses in a season (73-9). Which, in fact, is not normal to see such a dominate team in a professional sport, especially the NBA. The NBA consists of the best players in the world and to have one team only lose 9 games is ridiculous because they have to play against the best players in the world every time they step on the court. This image comes from the magazine, Sports Illustrated. This image reminds me that I can be great even though I’m not the best if I work hard and have fun while doing it. The Warriors do not have the top players in the league. They consist of hard working guys that love to play together as a team, not just relying on one person to do all the work. The picture consists of a quote from Steph Curry that states “There’s no way I’m not gonna have fun. I never fail to savor it”. This quote says a lot more than just those words. It tells us to have fun while achieving greatness and to always savor it, not take anything for granted. This quote goes perfect with this picture because the pictures captures the three main players on the team having fun and not all serious.


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