September 16th, 2016

By Means of the Visible

Should You Get Your Child With Special Needs A Cell Phone?


This picture connects to the overall meaning in Mitchell Stephens essay explaining the fact that images are taking over words. With that being said this picture is a perfect fit for his message because it depicts our youth preoccupied with an iPhone instead of talking to another child. This is the world that we live in. Technology is taking over everyone’s lives and it effects our youth tremendously.


In reading Mitchell Stephens essay, I found interesting “images … are intended to take the place of words” (Stephens 58). In many cases this could be true because when we, for example, are learning a new language, it is easier to understand certain words by reading or hearing that certain word and connecting it to a picture. As soon as that person hears that word they will automatically think back to that picture that depicts that certain word then instantly know what they are talking about. With that being said, images also remind of things that happened in the past and gives us a more excitement or disgust for that time in the past. Their are things that words cannot describe. Has their every been a situation when you do something awesome or idiotic that no words can describe? Of course (unless you don’t do anything exciting)! Although images help us tremendously, they can also be misleading and destructive. Sometimes they ruin relationships. But they weren’t intended for that. They were intended to capture the moment. And I truly believe that.



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