11/8/16 Snap Shot

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This picture joy in fans in the background as well as two football players that are celebrating a touchdown in a “bowl game”. It also shows the sad Texas fans as well as number 21 on Texas slumping that looks like he is depressed.

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As soon as I crop the photo it turns into just two players celebrating and a sad Texas player.

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When i crop it so that the only people in the image are the the two Arkansas football players are in it, the mood changes from a moment of sadness from the Texas player to two players celebrating a touchdown.


My Procrastinations

So far, in my young college career, I have already been very bad with procrastinating just like I was in high school. However, being in college requires a lot more responsibility than high school. In high school, we, as students, did not get as much busy work as we have gotten as of right now in college. Also in high school, I could get away with it because I was very good at completing all of my work on time. One month into college and I have been very bad at not completing all my work even though I study and do home work every day in the library. However, I have always had a great work ethic. I could sit down for hours and just get all my stuff done. Yet, all the distractions that college brings have effected my work ethic and my willingness to do all my home work every day. For the past month I have been here, I have been doing my home work the night before that it is due. This is a very bad habit to have and I need to do things differently while being as efficient as possible. The good thing about college is that you do not have the same class everyday. If we did, I don’t think that I would succeed, I just think I wouldn’t do as well as most given my circumstance at the moment. One thing that I could possibly do differently to succeed is to do all my home work right after the class so it is fresh in my brain which would be easier for me to focus on doing that work assigned. I am being very lazy and not motivated to do the work which makes me mad at the moment. I am not happy with the way I have started off college and I intend to change that.

Making Lives Visible



I chose this picture of the cover of Green Eggs and Ham because it goes perfectly to what the reading was trying to portray. It states in the reading that we tell stories “to explain how we see the world” (153). Just how this picture portrays how the character at the bottom of the picture sees the world.


Throughout this reading, I found a lot of information that was valuable and important to every day life. It brought light to me that “our lives saturated with stories” (153). With that being said, we are born hearing stories about different things from bed time stories to stories about your parents childhood. This reading was very educational by the way it portrayed the different types of written documents, such as letters, memoirs, and diaries, that contain different types of pictures. One thing that the author stated in this chapter that really stood out to me was that “in looking at something, we much look away from something else”(166). I found this quote particularly interesting because it is so true. The fact that we cannot look at multiple things at once is mind blowing to me. There is too much to see in the world and we must look away to see what the world holds.

September 21, 2016

Magazine Blog:




When I picked up this edition of Sports Illustrated my first response to this image was of that the picture had three of my favorite basketball players in the NBA. With that being said, I was immediately engaged and intrigued.The subject of this image contains the three best players on the Warriors, Draymond Green, Steph Curry, and Klay Thompson, who makes the team the best in the NBA. The primary purpose of this image is to inform the world about the Warriors historic season; breaking the record for most wins in a season (73). The image is arranged in an interesting way because Green and Thompson are placed behind the best player on the team, 2x MVP Steph Curry. This tells me that everything is centered around Curry instead of the other two players. One thing that stuck me as important was the fact that the players are wearing their “throw back” jerseys that state “The City” instead of their normal jerseys that do not state that. This is important because it is essentially showing everyone that San Francisco is “The City” to be in. It is also important because the record that they broke was a record that was set by the Bulls in 1996. The genre of this photo is enjoyment and excitement because all three of the players do not look like they are nervous about losing a game which could ruin their run toward NBA history. Instead they look like they are enjoying every minute of being the best of the best and not worrying about losing. I cannot identify the author of this photo. I think others read this image in a negative way because there are a lot of people that really dislike the Warriors just because they are very good. But others that do not have an opinion would probably think that this image is awesome because of what they have been able accomplished during this long season. The large historical context of this image is that these three individuals are leading a very talented team to break the NBA record of most wins and fewest losses in a season (73-9). Which, in fact, is not normal to see such a dominate team in a professional sport, especially the NBA. The NBA consists of the best players in the world and to have one team only lose 9 games is ridiculous because they have to play against the best players in the world every time they step on the court. This image comes from the magazine, Sports Illustrated. This image reminds me that I can be great even though I’m not the best if I work hard and have fun while doing it. The Warriors do not have the top players in the league. They consist of hard working guys that love to play together as a team, not just relying on one person to do all the work. The picture consists of a quote from Steph Curry that states “There’s no way I’m not gonna have fun. I never fail to savor it”. This quote says a lot more than just those words. It tells us to have fun while achieving greatness and to always savor it, not take anything for granted. This quote goes perfect with this picture because the pictures captures the three main players on the team having fun and not all serious.

September 16th, 2016

By Means of the Visible

Should You Get Your Child With Special Needs A Cell Phone?


This picture connects to the overall meaning in Mitchell Stephens essay explaining the fact that images are taking over words. With that being said this picture is a perfect fit for his message because it depicts our youth preoccupied with an iPhone instead of talking to another child. This is the world that we live in. Technology is taking over everyone’s lives and it effects our youth tremendously.


In reading Mitchell Stephens essay, I found interesting “images … are intended to take the place of words” (Stephens 58). In many cases this could be true because when we, for example, are learning a new language, it is easier to understand certain words by reading or hearing that certain word and connecting it to a picture. As soon as that person hears that word they will automatically think back to that picture that depicts that certain word then instantly know what they are talking about. With that being said, images also remind of things that happened in the past and gives us a more excitement or disgust for that time in the past. Their are things that words cannot describe. Has their every been a situation when you do something awesome or idiotic that no words can describe? Of course (unless you don’t do anything exciting)! Although images help us tremendously, they can also be misleading and destructive. Sometimes they ruin relationships. But they weren’t intended for that. They were intended to capture the moment. And I truly believe that.